Tourmaline Self Heating Thermal Magnetic Therapy Thermal Neck Pad Wrap Support Brace Massage Belt


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This fantastic neck support can improve the blood circulation of the neck and shoulder area.

1. Increases healing process.
2. Suitable for minor injuries, sprains, twists caused by sports or arthritis.
3. Improves the blood circulation and metabolism.
4. Helps relax muscles and prevents spasms.
5. Comfortable to wear.
6. Hand wash in lukewarm water to clean.
7. To use simply apply a small amount of water via a damp cloth or sponge to the middle of the neck support (the side that comes into contact with the skin). After 30 minutes of use the heat will start to be generated by the support.
8. Easy to use, Discreet and can be used anywhere anytime.

1. Approximate size 50x10cm
2. Has a thermal effect
3. Easy to take on& off with the Velcro closure
4. Safe and comfortable to wear

Package Included:
1 x Self Heating Neck Brace