7Pcs Hand Repair Sewing Needles Patching Tool


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7Pcs Hand Repair Sewing Needles Patching Tool


7 pin models length, thickness and shape are different.
You can sewing leather, blankets, thicker fabric, canvas, tarpaulin
You can also make bags, repairs basket, sofa, furniture, etc., to meet a variety of needs
Relatively sharp needles, when removing and use, please be careful.
Material: Stainless steel


Glove's needle: 51mm
Carpet needle: 45mm
Sail needle: 58mm
Straight upholstery needle: 89mm
Sack needle: 75mm
Cured mattress needle 1: 49mm (end to end distance)
Cured mattress needle 2: 32mm (end to end distance)
All dimensions are measured by hand, so there will be a little errors

Package included:

1 x  Curved Mattress Needle for sewing upholstery and mattress
1 x Glover's Needle  for sewing leather and furs
1 x CARPET Needle for sewing and heavy cloth
1 x SAIL Needle  for sewing canvas T arpaulin and V enetian blinds
1 x Straight Upholstery Needle  for repairing chairs, sofas and car seat
1 x Sack Needle for sewing sacks, bags and hampers
1 x Curved Mattress Needle (Small)